Hi! I’m Mahmood, a software engineer, originally from Bangladesh, currently living in Netherlands with my wife. I love working with anything that has something to do with code.

How I spend my spare time?

  • I write code. Because I can or I’ve no life.
  • Think about the singularity, upload myself to the internet.
  • Read books and watch Netflix.
  • I also do mentoring, if you want to be an apprentice, contact. No money involve.


Following public key belongs to mmahmood.ict.bd[at]gmail.com e-mail address. GPG/PGP public key is stored in txt file public-key.txt.

curl http://unloadbrain.com/assets/files/public-key.txt | gpg --import

You can lookup on pgp.mit.edu with the fingerprint 4BF0 B5B9 CB0C 72F5 8D81 E6B7 F7B0 9C42 ACBE 9401.