Don’t tell me what to do :angry:


The requirements

  • Small low-powered IoT devices going to send measurement data.
  • Scalable data flow and processing, something that handles backpressure.

Design Decisions

  • Accepting MQTT message from the IoT devices because making HTTP request would lead to higher power consumption for a low-powered IoT device.
  • I could’ve picked OPC UA or some other protocol. However, the idea is to fire events from Message Broker (mosquitto) to Kafka.
  • Kafka is the perfect choice because of high throughput, scaling, availability, storage, buffering and reprocessing of events.
  • Picked InfluxDB because it’s time series database. Could’ve used Prometheus.

Data Flow


How to display data

  • APIs can be built to fetch data from InfluxDB.
  • Grafana dashboard can be built on top of InfluxDB data.


Stop talking and show me the code

:octocat: Checkout the code on Github.

Live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute: